Portugal {Part II}

A little late posting this, but better late than never…

Our trip to Portugal continued the way it started – lots of time outdoors swimming, enjoying the sun and the beautiful scenery.

Apart from it’s magnificent weather and beaches, I am also in complete awe of the Algarve’s architecture. Almost every single house we came across, was beautiful in it’s own way – no two the same. Most are white, or light pastel colours with turrets and arches, pools, balconies and roof terraces. All different shapes, some old and quaint and some super modern.

I could have spent hours walking around the roads taking photos of the houses. Sadly, I was very conscious I may have been reported to neighbourhood watch and been taken in to the local police station for questioning on suspicious behaviour.

On the subject, does anyone have an opinion on this? Can you take photos of an amazing house(s)? Can you walk around a neighbourhood with a camera? If you are clearly on holidays?

I do regret now not taking tons of photos, but at least I could take them of my family without my motives being questioned.

A few photos from our walks…

PicMonkey CollagecolDSC_9861Birthday Tradition! copyDSC_9907Birthday Tradition!

DSC_9771Birthday Tradition!

DSC_9760Birthday Tradition! DSC_9892Birthday Tradition! DSC_9893Birthday Tradition!DSC_9875Birthday Tradition!DSC_9774Birthday Tradition! DSC_9779Birthday Tradition! DSC_9915Birthday Tradition! DSC_9917Birthday Tradition! DSC_9932Birthday Tradition! DSC_9940Birthday Tradition!I cannot wait to return to Portugal, hopefully sometime again soon.

I hope everybody has a great week!

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Outdoors! {Portugal Part I}

Life is just so much better when most of your time is spent outdoors; fresh air, birds chirping, the smell of flowers, planes going overhead… All this is made especially great when your son is taking notice of all of these things for the first time. Watching him shout with excitement every time a plane went by, or a bird flew in front of him was the greatest feeling.

The last 8 days we spent in Portugal were incredible. Everything about the Algarve is so wonderfully beautiful and picturesque, 8 days were absolutely not enough! I’d say we spent 90% of every day outdoors, either by the pool or taking walks to explore the area. Noah even took all of his naps in the garden.

I hadn’t been back to Portugal since I was 17 and only once before that. I feel like I’ve been there 20 times though, as I’ve always said I would return and kept my old memories from it close to my heart.

It was a quiet time of the year on the Algarve so we had to make our own excitement.

Some of the things we enjoyed:

Walks at sunset…

There are so many places to explore, why not explore as the sun is going down and the sky is beautiful? On our adventures, we visited nature preserves, found nice restaurants and cafes, walked through amazing housing estates and came across little beaches. We also encountered countless ant farms, giant flying beetles (of which I have a severe phobia that was spawned on my last visit to Portugal) and the occasional older gentleman hooting at us as they flew by on their bikes.

DSC_9633Birthday Tradition!DSC_9617Birthday Tradition!DSC_9610Birthday Tradition!DSC_9654Birthday Tradition!DSC_9683Birthday Tradition!DSC_9669Birthday Tradition!DSC_9661Birthday Tradition! DSC_9666Birthday Tradition!DSC_9692Birthday Tradition!DSC_9614Birthday Tradition!

DSC_9646Birthday Tradition! DSC_9650Birthday Tradition!Lots of swimming…

One of the most exciting things to enjoy with Nounou is swimming. He adores the water and starts kicking with anticipation before he even touches it. He splashes like crazy, soaking anything and everything close by. You could hear his  shouts and screams from up the road, as he covers his face in water from his splish splashing.  So much fun!!

IMG_1636Birthday Tradition! IMG_1637Birthday Tradition!IMG_1658Birthday Tradition!IMG_1643Birthday Tradition!IMG_1673Birthday Tradition!-2IMG_1673Birthday Tradition!

A visit to the Red Cliffs…

I remembered these from my last visit to Portugal and couldn’t wait to return to see them. Unfortunately, the evening we went, it got cold quite quickly, but I still managed to get a few pictures in.

These cliffs are so beautiful in their uniqueness. It’s hard to tell from the photos, but the sand is also a light rust colour. I already can’t wait to go back and take more pictures here! I suppose that just means I’ll have to return to the Algarve as soon as possible. Oh dammit!

DSC_9951Birthday Tradition! DSC_9954Birthday Tradition! DSC_9957Birthday Tradition!DSC_0057Birthday Tradition! DSC_0060Birthday Tradition!DSC_9996Birthday Tradition!-2

DSC_0013Birthday Tradition!-2

DSC_0056Birthday Tradition!PicMonkey CollagebeachDSC_9950Birthday Tradition!DSC_9968Birthday Tradition!-3DSC_0088Birthday Tradition!DSC_0080Birthday Tradition!DSC_0070Birthday Tradition!DSC_0013Birthday Tradition!

A Saturday night out…

What’s a week away without a Saturday night out?

IMG_5124Birthday Tradition!-2 IMG_5132Birthday Tradition!

More amazing memories together!

Another post coming soon – Portugal is definitely worth two :)

Have a great weekend peoples!

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The Little Boy Doing Little Boy Things.

This past week, we saw the return of the Birthday Hat {our little birthday tradition} ..this time, it was me wearing it.

We celebrated my 28th birthday – I guess there is only 2 more years I’ll be admitting to my age, I might as well enjoy it while I can! We went out for dinner the night before, and cooked at home with my family on the day of – definitely a quieter birthday than I am used to, but spent with the best people.

PicMonkey CollagegBirthday Tradition!With the return of the good weather, Noah and I went on a little adventure to St. Anne’s Park. I call it an adventure, because getting out of the house with him is more difficult than curing world hunger. I packed a little picnic, a coke & a packet of waffles for myself, and nothing for Noah. What? He had just finished his lunch. Ok… I need to get better in the kitchen…though mostly just for the picnics we will be going on.

DSC_9422Birthday Tradition!DSC_9424Birthday Tradition!DSC_9403Birthday Tradition!DSC_9434Birthday Tradition!DSC_9460Birthday Tradition!

IMG_0073Birthday Tradition!We also enjoyed a lovely evening stroll. With Summer on the way, the nights are stretching and it is bright until after 8.30pm which is great!

PicMonkey CollagepBirthday Tradition!

Whenever I come across a little boarded up house like this, I often wonder who may have lived in there, what kind of memories do it’s walls have, when will it be lived in again?

PicMonkey CollagexBirthday Tradition!

IMG_0038Birthday Tradition!-2My decision to quit the gym a few months ago has never been more justified. This child just does not stop moving…crawling, climbing, jumping, hiding, generally gravitating towards the most dangerous area of his current location… at home, that would be the corners of our coffee table or the marble fireplace…

DSC_9561Birthday Tradition!-2

Supporting a rather girly soother

DSC_9503Birthday Tradition!DSC_9504Birthday Tradition!DSC_9489Birthday Tradition!DSC_9523Birthday Tradition!DSC_9518Birthday Tradition!DSC_9529Birthday Tradition!DSC_9532Birthday Tradition! DSC_9558Birthday Tradition!DSC_9573Birthday Tradition!DSC_9575Birthday Tradition!

IMG_0010Birthday Tradition!We also took a little visit to our cousins… it was the first time watching Nounou play with other children, and who better than my Godson and one of my other favourite little guys in the world.

IMG_0050Birthday Tradition! IMG_0053Birthday Tradition!Everything with my little guy is an adventure and I love it all!

Have a great weekend and week everyone… next post coming to you from Portugal! :)

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Hello Easter. Hello Spring.

What a nice long weekend we’ve had – celebrating Easter with family, Alan on a few days holidays and enjoying this beautiful Spring weather.
It’s always so nice when we have Daddy here for more than just a few hours a day so I can enjoy watching the boys playing and laughing together so 4 days in a row was really great. I have Noah staying up later now every night so that we can enjoy the bright evenings and we definitely made use of that this past weekend.

DSC_8932Birthday Tradition!DSC_8929Birthday Tradition! DSC_8918Birthday Tradition!DSC_8966Birthday Tradition! DSC_9003Birthday Tradition!DSC_8956Birthday Tradition!Family Visits

We visited Gran & Grandad & Auntie Orla.

DSC_8773Nounou (another new name) is flying around on all fours now and just cannot stop exploring. He particularly enjoys hinges, doors and anything metal or potentially dangerous. He also enjoys crawling into small spaces like cupboards or under tables.PicMonkey Collage1That evening, we took a trip to Kildare to visit Uncle Andy & Auntie Avril and ran into a few friends along the way…

DSC_8777Birthday Tradition! DSC_8782Birthday Tradition!

DSC_8797Birthday Tradition!We spent Easter Sunday with Nanny & Papi & Auntie Jacqueline.

PicMonkey Collagebasket

DSC_9132Birthday Tradition!

DSC_9036Birthday Tradition!-4DSC_9096Birthday Tradition! DSC_9065Birthday Tradition!DSC_9124Birthday Tradition! DSC_9052Birthday Tradition! DSC_9026Birthday Tradition!PicMonkey CollagefamDSC_9023Birthday Tradition!DSC_9025Birthday Tradition!It’s so nice to finally have a few pictures of Noah and I…it’s normally me behind the camera.

DSC_9172Birthday Tradition!DSC_9158Birthday Tradition!DSC_9145Birthday Tradition!A trip to Malahide Castle

Easter Monday, we visited Malahide Castle for a walk and a pit stop in Avoca. It was such a nice day, we didn’t want to stay inside so took our my cake and coffee outside for a mini picnic on the grass.

DSC_9219Birthday Tradition!DSC_9216Birthday Tradition!DSC_9221Birthday Tradition!DSC_9205Birthday Tradition!DSC_9208Birthday Tradition!DSC_9213Birthday Tradition!DSC_9224Birthday Tradition!DSC_9232Birthday Tradition!DSC_9237Birthday Tradition!DSC_9250Birthday Tradition!DSC_9256Birthday Tradition!DSC_9257Birthday Tradition!DSC_9239Birthday Tradition!

PicMonkey Collage3DSC_9263Birthday Tradition! DSC_9266Birthday Tradition!It was so funny watching Nounou touch the grass for the first time. He was so wary of it and proceeded with great caution! It  was almost as if he was in a rowing boat in the middle of the ocean. He would let his fingers or toes dip out, but almost immediately would retract them with a little shiver.

DSC_9291Birthday Tradition!DSC_9283Birthday Tradition!

PicMonkey Collagegrass

DSC_9279Birthday Tradition!

DSC_9314Birthday Tradition! DSC_9312Birthday Tradition!DSC_9317Birthday Tradition!Yesterday evening, on our way home from a drive to Skerries, passing hundreds of cars leaving Howth, I realised just how blessed we are to live in such a beautiful place; a place where people from all over Dublin come to visit. Howth has so many cafes, restaurants and bars and always has a lovely atmosphere, full of families and tourists.

When we arrived through our front door, we were greeted by an amazing pink glow in our living room as the sun set outside our window – a beautiful end to a beautiful Easter weekend.

Have a great (short) week everyone!

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