Kite Fest

Last Sunday we decided to do something a little different. Apparently the Kite Fest has been taking place for the last few years not far from home so this year we decided to go. Nounou is a little obsessed with flying objects; planes, birds etc. so we figured he would enjoy kites.  It was a little cold and windy on the beach and honestly, we’re not sure if he even noticed the kites he was so enthralled with all the people and surrounding noise!

We were expecting more professional kites / kite fliers but the vast majority of them were held by children and their parents. There were stalls playing music, serving food, face painting and kite making. It was filled with families pretending it felt like summer -it was actually pretty cold, but there was a lovely atmosphere.

I’m always thinking now of different things to explore through the eyes of a little boy… I find myself constantly thinking what he might learn from, or what he might really enjoy… this was something different, full of colour, music and people in a new place. It was the perfect time spent on a Sunday morning.

DSC_2212Birthday Tradition!DSC_2216Birthday Tradition!

DSC_2217Birthday Tradition!DSC_2250Birthday Tradition! DSC_2251Birthday Tradition!PicMonkey Collagecd


DSC_2262Birthday Tradition!-2DSC_2272Birthday Tradition!

DSC_2277Birthday Tradition!DSC_2282Birthday Tradition! DSC_2284Birthday Tradition! DSC_2304Birthday Tradition! DSC_2311Birthday Tradition!



DSC_2324Birthday Tradition! DSC_2334Birthday Tradition! copy

DSC_2353Birthday Tradition! DSC_2371Birthday Tradition! DSC_2444Birthday Tradition!

Have a good week, everyone!

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Noah Alexander’s Christening.

It was finally time for our Noah Bear to be Christened.  I half expected him to shout at the Priest for pouring ‘water’ over him but he was the perfect gentleman. He sat on our knees throughout the ceremony, with just a few shouts and giggles, but thankfully no tears…or unusual smells. The Priest was really nice, funny and helped put all the mums and dads minds at ease. I was a little put off though as he continuously referred to Noah as Nora. It must have been the bonnet.

His gown came from Mexico and I just loved it – I couldn’t take enough pictures.

Here are some of the many photos from the day…

DSC_2185Birthday Tradition!DSC_2188Birthday Tradition!DSC_2168Birthday Tradition!DSC_2163Birthday Tradition!DSC_2190Birthday Tradition!DSC_2145Birthday Tradition! copy

DSC_1578Birthday Tradition! DSC_1583Birthday Tradition! DSC_1585Birthday Tradition! DSC_1590Birthday Tradition!DSC_1597Birthday Tradition! DSC_1598Birthday Tradition! DSC_1600Birthday Tradition!DSC_1610Birthday Tradition! DSC_1624Birthday Tradition!DSC_1638Birthday Tradition!DSC_1636Birthday Tradition!DSC_1647Birthday Tradition! DSC_1653Birthday Tradition!DSC_1673Birthday Tradition! DSC_1664Birthday Tradition!DSC_1687Birthday Tradition!DSC_1708Birthday Tradition!DSC_1679Birthday Tradition!-2DSC_1818Birthday Tradition! DSC_1811Birthday Tradition!DSC_1846Birthday Tradition!

PicMonkey CollagedsDSC_1874Birthday Tradition! DSC_1892Birthday Tradition! DSC_1958Birthday Tradition!-2DSC_1950Birthday Tradition! DSC_1936Birthday Tradition! DSC_1962Birthday Tradition!DSC_2022Birthday Tradition!DSC_2042Birthday Tradition! DSC_2012Birthday Tradition!DSC_2115Birthday Tradition! DSC_2091Birthday Tradition! DSC_2081Birthday Tradition! DSC_2118Birthday Tradition!DSC_2135Birthday Tradition!Happy Thursday everyone.

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Fun & Fabulous.

Such a lovely afternoon of photos with these gorgeous girls and their Mom!

DSC_1247Birthday Tradition! DSC_1260Birthday Tradition! DSC_1263Birthday Tradition!DSC_1268Birthday Tradition! DSC_1278Birthday Tradition! DSC_1300Birthday Tradition! DSC_1323Birthday Tradition!DSC_1350Birthday Tradition!PicMonkey CollagevbDSC_1377Birthday Tradition!DSC_1413Birthday Tradition!DSC_1399Birthday Tradition!DSC_1472Birthday Tradition!-2PicMonkey CollagedsaDSC_1501Birthday Tradition!DSC_1491Birthday Tradition!-2DSC_1509Birthday Tradition!DSC_1550Birthday Tradition!

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One Pretty Lady.

A few pictures from our photo session…

DSC_0672Birthday Tradition! DSC_0679Birthday Tradition!DSC_0670Birthday Tradition!PicMonkey CollagedDSC_0724Birthday Tradition!DSC_0767Birthday Tradition!DSC_0852Birthday Tradition! DSC_0790Birthday Tradition!DSC_0856Birthday Tradition!DSC_0861Birthday Tradition! DSC_0912Birthday Tradition! DSC_0921Birthday Tradition!DSC_0925Birthday Tradition! DSC_0926Birthday Tradition! DSC_0927Birthday Tradition! DSC_0978Birthday Tradition! DSC_0984Birthday Tradition! copy DSC_0993Birthday Tradition!DSC_1022Birthday Tradition! DSC_1023Birthday Tradition! DSC_1034Birthday Tradition! DSC_1036Birthday Tradition!Even though it was completely freezing and so windy, we had lots of fun!

Thank you, sister dearest, I had lots of fun!

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