30 Things I Want To Do On Maternity Leave

1. Bring Noah to Tunisia to meet his family and friends there
2. Go on a weekend away without the baby – Europe
3. Bring Noah to Florida (for the 1st time outside the womb!)
4. Enroll Noah in swimming lessons
5. Go for a jog initially 3 times a week (outdoors while the summer lasts)
6. Rejoin Westwood
7. A night/weekend down the country
8. Start a photoshop class
9. Spanish class
10. Move into our own home
11. Throw a house warming party
12. Get an Irish Driver’s Licence
13. Learn how to drive stick
14. Read a new book (non baby related)
15. Start posting on my blog at least once a week
16. Go for a picnic
17. Do a photo shoot with Alan and the baby
18. Do a Sisters photo shoot
19. Go to Disney World
20. Spa day (at least one…and one soon!!)
21. Decorate for every holiday/ocassion – first being Halloween
22. Visit Dearbhla in Abu Dhabi
23. Start cooking at least 1 dinner a week
24. Start doing things on my 100 Things I Want to Do List
25. Start playing tennis again
26. Get to 8and a half stone
27. Get Noah’s passport
28. Buy a bike
29. Sell some old clothes
30. Donate some of my stuff to charity

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