About Me

Hi everyone!

Thank you so much for visiting my page – I hope you are even mildly entertained!

Years ago, I wrote a 100 Things I want to do list as a way of making sure I accomplish some of my many dreams and this blog was originally my way to document those successes. It quickly turned into my way of keeping a diary of life’s adventures, no matter how great or small.

I have just embarked on the greatest adventure of all – becoming a mommy to my beautiful baby boy Noah who is 2 months young as I write this.

You will notice a page on the top of this blog – Kitchen Behaviour Friday – here I am going to document my kitchen struggles each week. Anyone who has lived with me can attest to the fact I am no kitchen Goddess. There have been many smoke filled apartments, burnt food, incorrect measurements on recipes and small fires over the years- I can recall one cauliflower/pot/plastic handle/fire/screaming incident which took place back in my uni days which could have cost me the rebuild of an entire dorm room – thankfully  we got away with just a few flames over the cooker and the smell of burnt cauliflower/plastic in the apartment for weeks. Since graduating university in 2009, I’ve been getting my meals served up to me on a pretty much daily basis. However, now that I’m a mommy, it’s time I pretend to grow up ever so much, and make my family a few dinners! I will make sure to post each week – you’re bound to get a laugh if nothing else.

A little about me…

I have an amazing family who I love so much

I have amazing friends all over the world

I love photography but have not pursued it as much as I should have

I love design /decorating – good thing because we are currently in the process of moving into our new place – all to be documented here

I have an unhealthy obsession with travel

I love perfume and want to create my own one day

Make up excites me, more so when someone is doing it for me

Ex- tennis player but I want to use this maternity leave to start getting back into it

Hate fitness work but love fitness work

Eat way too many sweets. Seriously.

Love Disney World

Love a bit of adventure…





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