My Little Holiday Delight {Christmas 2015}.

It’s been too long since I was on my blog and I have to admit, I have missed it. Whenever we are travelling, I find it quite difficult to find the hours in the day to sit at a computer looking through pictures and making a post. I prefer to be outside, away from all screens and artificial light, enjoying what is happening in that moment.
Then, whenever I come back to my blog, I can relive all the great things we have shared in the last days/weeks/months.

As usual, this year, we celebrated Christmas in Florida.

I am extremely grateful to say, Noah, again, behavoud like a champion on the travel day… he didn’t shed 1 tear from 8am when we left home in Dublin, until we arrived at our hotel in Fort Myers at 2am (1 night stay before going to the house.) He is my little seasoned traveller, travelling at 35,000 feet on 16 occasions!

Noah was the man of the house for the first 10 days and helped us chose and decorate our Christmas tree. So began his fascination with “balls” (Get your mind out of the gutter!) From that day, he hasn’t stopped shouting “red” “gold” “baaaaaaawwww” at anything that resembles a round Christmas tree decoration.
The first 10 days were filled with trips to every single shopping destination South West Florida has to offer. For me, there is no other time of year like it. I adore the excitement of buying gifts for family and friends and am almost sad when they’re all wrapped up under the tree. Ok, that’s a bit of an exaggeration, but you catch my drift.

We took Noah to visit Santa for the first time. Neither Noah or Santa seemed to be enjoying it. 30 dollars I will never see again.

Hopefully next year, he will enjoy it. Noah too.

Facebook!Florida is blessed with some of the best weather at this time of year. For the entire month, we enjoyed mid to late 20s, sunny skies and beach days. We spent almost all our time outdoors.

Christmas Eve cycle around Naples…

DSC_7906Birthday Tradition! DSC_7910Birthday Tradition! DSC_7917Birthday Tradition!DSC_7923Birthday Tradition! DSC_7927Birthday Tradition! DSC_7928Birthday Tradition! DSC_7929Birthday Tradition!Christmas Eve…and we were going to bed uncharacteristically early…

DSC_7533Birthday Tradition!-2 DSC_7541Birthday Tradition! DSC_7546Birthday Tradition! DSC_7551Birthday Tradition! DSC_7556Birthday Tradition!DSC_7508Birthday Tradition! DSC_7521Birthday Tradition!Christmas morning…

I wonder what year it will be where my son is the most excited person in the house.

IMG_9003IMG_8945DSC_7665Birthday Tradition!A stroll on 3rd Street, Naples on Christmas night.

We didn’t stay too long because we had a little teething boy with a temperature.

DSC_7772Birthday Tradition! DSC_7773Birthday Tradition! DSC_7784Birthday Tradition! DSC_7790Birthday Tradition!We came home to unwind in our Christmas PJs after a very exciting day!

DSC_7726Birthday Tradition! DSC_7733Birthday Tradition! DSC_7739Birthday Tradition! DSC_7766Birthday Tradition!

Last year, Noah had no clue what was going on and was still waking a lot in the night, keeping his Mama on her toes!

This year, he loved the tree, all the lights, talking about “Haha” (Santa) and the fact he got to spend every day with his Nannie, Papi and Auntie Jaja.

PicMonkey Collagedas

I didn’t stop taking pictures, so there will be a lot more to come from our month in Florida.

Have a great Sunday evening!

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