Bye Bye Fall. Hello Winter.

As I sit here on my couch, warm dressing gown on, fire lighting and candles light, it officially feels like Winter has arrived. It’s midnight, before my ‘day off’ tomorrow (Noah is visiting his Gran, Grandad and Aunty for the day) so now is as good time as any to look back on some of the things we enjoyed the past month.

A visit to the Pumpkin Patch

DSC_6197Birthday Tradition! DSC_6209Birthday Tradition! DSC_6216Birthday Tradition! DSC_6219Birthday Tradition!DSC_6243Birthday Tradition!DSC_6303Birthday Tradition!Halloween

This was Noah’s second Halloween but first one Trick or Treating. Ok… he had no idea what was going on, but he loved it almost as much as I loved watching him play with all the big kids. It was impossible to contain my smile every time I saw him walk up to the front doors (and sometimes in them) with his little monster hood up and shouting at people as he went!

I couldn’t love him any more!!!

We went trick or treating with our cousins and enjoyed every second of it!!

DSC_6382Birthday Tradition!DSC_6358Birthday Tradition! DSC_6351Birthday Tradition!DSC_6341A little winding down with his cousin after all the excitement. He was about 5 minutes away from KO’ing!

DSC_6390Birthday Tradition!This was technically the day after Halloween… but his costume was too cute to only be worn one day of the year! He is still trying to put it back on him!

DSC_6522Birthday Tradition! DSC_6536Birthday Tradition!Playing in the leaves

DSC_5950Birthday Tradition! DSC_6093Birthday Tradition! DSC_6131Birthday Tradition! DSC_6139Birthday Tradition! DSC_6142Birthday Tradition! DSC_6166Birthday Tradition! DSC_6177Birthday Tradition! DSC_6184Birthday Tradition! DSC_6187Birthday Tradition!

Now it’s time to get excited for Christmas… decorations are going up TONIGHT! (Pics will be popping up on my new Home Inspiration Instagram account!)

Have a fabulous evening one and all!!

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