What is 5,000 Miles Between Friends? {Achill}

My friends are better than yours!

Last month, I was so excited to have some of my best friends visiting us in Ireland. How lucky I am that I can say I have friends coming to visit me all the way from Florida and Mexico!!

We have built so many memories over the years, had so many unbelievable laughs and shared so many secrets!

This month, we got to spend 4 wonderful days together in Ireland enjoying the beautiful countryside, castles, pubs, restaurants and so many laughs!

These are some photos from our Roadtrip to Achill Island – close to 4 and a half hours away from Dublin. I had been there as a child with my family and always knew I wanted to return and this was the perfect opportunity to show off beautiful rural Ireland.

DSC_5649Birthday Tradition! DSC_5652Birthday Tradition! DSC_5656Birthday Tradition! DSC_5666Birthday Tradition! DSC_5668Birthday Tradition! DSC_5670Birthday Tradition! DSC_5688Birthday Tradition! DSC_5695Birthday Tradition!We arrived to Achill with less than an hour before sunset and went first to visit the Deserted Village.

There are around 80 ruined stoned houses, spotted around the side of a mountain, dating back to the 15th Century. The village was completely abandoned during the Irish Famine when people moved to more urban areas or emigrated.

DSC_5719Birthday Tradition! DSC_5734Birthday Tradition! DSC_5738Birthday Tradition! DSC_5739Birthday Tradition! DSC_5743Birthday Tradition! DSC_5748Birthday Tradition!DSC_5751Birthday Tradition! DSC_5760Birthday Tradition! DSC_5766Birthday Tradition!Having an impromptu sheep poop fight. As you do. DSC_5769Birthday Tradition! DSC_5773Birthday Tradition! DSC_5778Birthday Tradition!After that, we drove to our own stone cottage. Thankful that this one had a roof.

DSC_5784Birthday Tradition! DSC_5785Birthday Tradition! DSC_5799Birthday Tradition!For a Saturday night at 9pm, it was insanely difficult to find a place that was open to go out for dinner! We ate in a little roadside hotel and then went to the most “Irishy” pub next-door… full of old men, the warm smell of guinness (euughh) and a 50th birthday party to which we were invited!

When we got home, we got the fire going and sat by it for hours, telling stories and laughing way too much.


The next morning afternoon, we left the house and drove around the entire island taking in the beautiful scenery while attempting not to kill the sheep which were everywhere we looked!

DSC_5812Birthday Tradition! DSC_5818Birthday Tradition! DSC_5820Birthday Tradition! DSC_5824Birthday Tradition!DSC_5826Birthday Tradition! DSC_5831Birthday Tradition! DSC_5838Birthday Tradition!DSC_5841Birthday Tradition! DSC_5844Birthday Tradition! DSC_5848Birthday Tradition! DSC_5870Birthday Tradition!DSC_5874Birthday Tradition! DSC_5881Birthday Tradition! DSC_5885Birthday Tradition! DSC_5895Birthday Tradition!-2 DSC_5919Birthday Tradition! DSC_5927Birthday Tradition!

DSC_5943Birthday Tradition!Thank you to all of you for making the trip to Ireland. I feel very lucky and am already looking forward to our next reunion!

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