Beautiful scenery, beautiful people and beautiful food, Sicily was better than we could have imagined.

The week before last, Jacqueline and I visited for the first time. So often when we travel, we go back to places where we have friends or family, or where we have fallen in love with in the past, so this time it was brilliant to have a completely new adventure. It was also my first proper trip away from Noah since he was born. For the first time in 12 months, I didn’t have to worry about making sure I was home for nap times, feeding schedules and keeping up with the general day time routine. I was able to be spontaneous, relax, close my eyes and not hear a baby shouting at me. I also got a sense of enjoyment each time I heard a baby cry, knowing it was not my own!

We stayed in the most beautiful hotel on the beach with stunning views…

DSC_3003Birthday Tradition! DSC_3015Birthday Tradition! DSC_3260Birthday Tradition! DSC_3263Birthday Tradition!

DSC_3243Birthday Tradition!DSC_3067Birthday Tradition! DSC_3084Birthday Tradition!

DSC_3094Birthday Tradition!

There was live music every night at the hotel, an amazing restaurant looking directly over the water and to top it off, the hotel was full of guests there to have a good time. Everybody was so friendly and the staff so helpful.

We explored the town – so many little cafes and restaurants, cute alley ways, old buildings, gelato shops, souvenir and clothes shops, beautiful churches and old cars. Every second person had a camera around their necks, enjoying the fabulous scenery and attempting to capture the amazing atmosphere.

DSC_3109Birthday Tradition! DSC_3106Birthday Tradition!

DSC_3121Birthday Tradition!-3 DSC_3124Birthday Tradition! DSC_3129Birthday Tradition! DSC_3171Birthday Tradition!

DSC_3099Birthday Tradition! DSC_3166Birthday Tradition!

DSC_3153Birthday Tradition!

DSC_3144Birthday Tradition!-2We saw so many beautiful weddings in just that one day – what a beautiful place to say “I Do”.

We took a boat trip around the island…

DSC_3177Birthday Tradition! DSC_3204Birthday Tradition!DSC_3208Birthday Tradition!DSC_3185Birthday Tradition! DSC_3184Birthday Tradition!DSC_3181Birthday Tradition!Sicily was one of those places we knew  would be beautiful, but planning a visit there would have normally come behind visiting mainland Italy like Rome, Milan or Venice.  However, having spent a wonderful 4 days, I would highly recommend anyone planning a holiday to look at Taormina, Sicily! The beaches/coves were beautiful, the weather was perfect (late 20s/early 30s), there is a wonderful choice of hotels, great shopping and a feast of restaurants to enjoy.

It was the perfect place to enjoy some ‘sister time’!

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