30 Things I want to do on Maternity Leave {1 Year Later}.

Well, I have officially come to the end of my maternity leave (almost a month now) and how the time has flown!!

This past year has been so incredible in so many ways with new and exiting changes everywhere I look.

I had made this list of 30 Things I want to do on maternity leave very early after I gave birth, so now it is time to update it.

Let’s see how I did!

30 Things I Want To Do On Maternity Leave

1. Bring Noah to Tunisia to meet his family and friends there – Done! We went when Noah was just about 2 months old and we had the best time. He had no issues on the flight, slept well when we were there, enjoyed the heat (he probably felt like he was still in the womb!) and got to meet a lot of people who are special to me. We were supposed to be going again in 3 days but our flights were cancelled because of everything that is sadly going on there at the moment. We are so disappointed.

2. Go on a weekend away without the baby – Europe – Done(ish) Alan and I spent a night in Kerry early on in the maternity leave. It was so strange to not have the baby with us, and we were so tired, we had an early dinner, spent 15 minutes in a bar afterwards and headed back to the hotel to sleep before midnight. Also went to Siciliy with Jacqueline for a few days which was my first proper time away from Noah.

3. Bring Noah to Florida (for the 1st time outside the womb!) – Done and done in style. We spent 2 months there, from November – January. We spent time on the beach, swam every day and spent great quality time with family and friends.

4. Enroll Noah in swimming lessons – Done! He started swimming when he was just over a month old and still going every weekend. He’s a pro at this stage!

5. Go for a jog initially 3 times a week (outdoors while the summer lasts) – Not even close. I went for 3 outdoor jogs initially and perhaps another 3 on a treadmill. Disappointing! I am starting a home work out though – currently on day 3!

6. Rejoin Westwood – I rejoined with ease, getting down there was the problem. I quit after a month of never going!!

7. A night/weekend down the country – see number 2.

8. Start a photoshop class – Enrolled in a 1 day long course and didn’t show up. Twice.

9. Spanish class – I’m afraid not. Do my Spanish books I read to Noah count?

10. Move into our own home – Done! Done! Done! It took a while but we have been settled in since October.

11. Throw a house warming party – Done! A few pictures coming soon!

12. Get an Irish Driver’s Licence – Done(ish) I got my provisional and have started my lessons. 1 down, 11 to go. Joy.

13. Learn how to drive stick – Decided against this as I now own an automatic!

14. Read a new book (non baby related) – Ashamed to say that this never happened.

15. Start posting on my blog at least once a week – Definitely got better at posting. It may not have been once a week, but once every 10 days – 2 weeks and I will take that as a success!

16. Go for a picnic – thanks to my fabulous sister, I am the proud owner of a new picnic basket, however the only thing to be used so far from it is the blanket. Come on sunshine and warm weather! Give me an excuse to use it!

17. Do a photo shoot with Alan and the baby – Just did one for Noah’s 1st birthday. I can’t wait to post the pictures!!!

18. Do a Sisters photo shoot – this would require a sister willing to be photographed. Come on Jacqueline!

19. Go to Disney World – Done! With Jacqueline. Amazing, as usual. Planning the next trip with the boys.

20. Spa day – Had a full body massage in Kerry for our 1 day away. The therapist told me she has never seen someone’s back so tight and suggested I see a physio. I am still working on that.

21. Decorate for every holiday/occasion – we have definitely done this I am happy to say.

22. Visit Dearbhla in Abu Dhabi – Not yet, but I hope to this year!

23. Start cooking at least 1 dinner a week – This never happened. At all. Poor Alan.

24. Start doing things on my 100 Things I Want to Do List – a few, to be updated another time.

25. Start playing tennis again – have only picked up my racket when Noah is about to bash himself over the head with it.

26. Get to 8and a half stone – not a clue, our weighing scales has been broken for months. (Ha, seriously!)

27. Get Noah’s passport – Done and stamped a few times.

28. Buy a bike- Sadly, not.

29. Sell some old clothes – Nope.

30. Donate some of my stuff to charity – See above.

Ok… could have been better, but could have been a lot worse.

Now on to new adventures… :)

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