Fun & Fabulous.

Such a lovely afternoon of photos with these gorgeous girls and their Mom!

DSC_1247Birthday Tradition! DSC_1260Birthday Tradition! DSC_1263Birthday Tradition!DSC_1268Birthday Tradition! DSC_1278Birthday Tradition! DSC_1300Birthday Tradition! DSC_1323Birthday Tradition!DSC_1350Birthday Tradition!PicMonkey CollagevbDSC_1377Birthday Tradition!DSC_1413Birthday Tradition!DSC_1399Birthday Tradition!DSC_1472Birthday Tradition!-2PicMonkey CollagedsaDSC_1501Birthday Tradition!DSC_1491Birthday Tradition!-2DSC_1509Birthday Tradition!DSC_1550Birthday Tradition!

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    Hi Joanne, I love these photo’s! I love the photo of these two, I assume, sisters, in the tree! That is fantastic! Also I love the one’s of them jumping together! I love the ones in front of the castle. Which castle is that? Oh how I miss Ireland right now! I am so busy getting ready to sell my house and having another built in the state of Maine. I bought land way up on a mountain with a million dollar view of the Mahousic Range which is the White Mountains that jut into the state of Maine from the state of New Hampshire. It is breath taking! These photo’s are wonderful. I love what the girls have on. I am not sure if that is just their choice. But I love it! Keep it up! I told you!!!! How is Adorable Noah? That little cute Irish guy! Oh my god is he cute! He makes me smile when I see his photo’s! Take care of you three, Suzan

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