One Pretty Lady.

A few pictures from our photo session…

DSC_0672Birthday Tradition! DSC_0679Birthday Tradition!DSC_0670Birthday Tradition!PicMonkey CollagedDSC_0724Birthday Tradition!DSC_0767Birthday Tradition!DSC_0852Birthday Tradition! DSC_0790Birthday Tradition!DSC_0856Birthday Tradition!DSC_0861Birthday Tradition! DSC_0912Birthday Tradition! DSC_0921Birthday Tradition!DSC_0925Birthday Tradition! DSC_0926Birthday Tradition! DSC_0927Birthday Tradition! DSC_0978Birthday Tradition! DSC_0984Birthday Tradition! copy DSC_0993Birthday Tradition!DSC_1022Birthday Tradition! DSC_1023Birthday Tradition! DSC_1034Birthday Tradition! DSC_1036Birthday Tradition!Even though it was completely freezing and so windy, we had lots of fun!

Thank you, sister dearest, I had lots of fun!

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    Hi Joanne, I just saw the photo’s of your very pretty sister in the field in Portugal. I am assuming you took these photos. They came out so nice! I have some that I think are winners! LOL With her pretty vibrant blue printed dress and beautiful earrings, she just looks wonderful in these photos. You did a great job taking them. Keep it up. I believe this is your real calling! The world of creativity and art! Just thought I’d let you know, that Shawn just got promoted again in his line of work as an engineer for Hornbeck Corporation. He is now working out of Brazil. He got a great pay raise with this move to work in Brazil. BUT he still lives in Maine. He travels back and forth every 28 days. He is really excited about how fast the last two promotions came back to back. He is a busy bee like you and Allen are. LOL How is sweet Irish baby Noah? One of my lawyers here in the US just had twins, and I told him about you in Ireland and how cute Noah is. I told him that you take the most fantastic photo’s of your baby! You should offer this service at the Hotel in Dublin! That would be fantastic while people are vacationing, sometimes they would like a professional portrait done of their children or their family, or whatever! Take care, Suzan

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